With its advanced massage techniques, PREMIUM SMART EYE MASSAGER directly massages acupuncture points located around the eye to loosen tension.

Our PREMIUM SMART EYE MASSAGER is equipped with a unique technology that allows the combination of a new generation multi-frequency vibration massage, air pressure massage, and innovative thermal functions, which will act directly on tissue.

The technology is based on two main scientific areas:

  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Ocular Reflexology


INTELLIGENT VIBRATION MASSAGE - The frequency of the vibrations provides a relaxing sensation by stimulating the release of the hormone serotonin.

INTELLIGENT THERMAL FUNCTION - This function will help your skin rejuvenate and will give you a luminous look. A slight heat will seep into the epidermis to stimulate blood circulation and increase the production of collagen.

AIR PRESSURE MASSAGER - This function uses air pressure to target acupuncture points around the eyes. It relaxes the muscles and nerves around the eyes to reduce pain and fatigue.

BLUETOOTH FUNCTION - With Bluetooth, you can listen to your favourite music or even answer a call. If you want to stay calm, you can also mute the music.