What is a massage gun and what does it do?

A massage gun kind of looks like a power drill combined with a recovery ball.

It is an awesome-looking device that can help in your muscle recovery.

The massage gun provides rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue, this is also known as percussive therapy.

Why buy the handheld massage gun?

Tired of muscle pains? No more, the PREMIUM LCD or MINI FASCIA massage gun is a must-have.

Easy to use, instant muscle relief, anywhere, anytime.
The ergonomic design makes it so that the massager is easily handheld for treating all body parts.

Powerful percussions, extreme light built & outstanding battery life is what sets this massage gun ahead of its alternatives!

  • Workout with confidence
  • Fast muscle recovery without breaking the bank
  • At-home massage therapy
  • Get rid of tightness & increase flexibility
  • Deep tissue- and fascia release

How to use the muscle massage gun?

There are a few things you should pay attention to when using this device. The first one is to focus on the muscles, you should avoid large vascular structures and bones.

The second thing is that the lowest speed setting is already strong enough for most people.

You can go up one level if you don’t feel enough, but you might consider spending more time on that area instead of upping the intensity.

Especially when you have sore muscles it is best to use the lowest speed setting. The use of the massage gun depends on the goal you have.

When you use this device as a warming up it is best to gently press it into the area for three to five seconds.

If you use the massage gun after a workout it is best to spend five to 10 minutes of doing a sweep on your whole body. Also, do not forget to breathe while using the massage gun.

The massage gun can be used before or after a workout. It can be used before a workout to improve your range of motion by loosening the fascia.

If you apply the machine to the area you want to stretch, it could increase the range of motion 50-80% in only 30 seconds.

The massage gun can also be used after a workout to help the muscles recover.

These guns are also ideal for people training for an event because the gun can relieve tightness and may prevent injuries.